The TopNet Purpose, Inc. was established to make a difference in real estate with the goal to provide exceptional customer service. Anyone affiliated with TopNet is first and foremost a quality human being who can be trusted to handle a client’s most important financial transaction. Our agents must act ethically, be knowledgeable, and truly want to maximize the benefit to our clients. We will not hire an agent primarily motivated by money. An agent with a sincere desire to represent a person’s best interests has incredible value long term. We will never sacrifice our commitment to our clients for short term gain. That may be easy to say, but we own it and live by it.

For Our Buyers & Sellers – Why TopNet?
  • You will be listened to and treated with absolute respect.
  • Brutal honesty – sorry if you are offended. With absolute respect, we prefer you hear the truth.
  • Your interests are our focus and we want to be of value to you.
  • We WILL make you think – you must entirely understand such an important financial decision.
  • We realize “life” happens. Situations may call for our business relationship to pause or end. We will not enforce an unreasonable agreement.
  • We will work with you to achieve your real estate goals – communication and cooperation is a must.
  • Your agent will be experienced (or in a direct mentor relationship with Dan Britten, Principal Broker of, Inc.) and professional.
  • We do not have office hours – we are available 24/7…no joke, try us. We will never be surprised by time of text, call, or e-mail.
For Our Future Friends – Why TopNet?
  • Who needs more pressure? If you want to talk real estate and have questions, just ask!
  • With such diverse customers relocating to the area there are so many perspectives. We respect you and your needs.
  • We look forward to sharing our local knowledge and investigating questions you may have.
For Our Real Estate Agents – Why TopNet?
  • You will have access to your broker at any hour, on any day, of any year. This is real!
  • We will invest; educate; and evolve to provide you with tools you need to be successful.
  • You will have the freedom to run your business with efficiency; creativity; and within the structure of yours and your client’s schedules. Own your network. Grow your business.
  • You are encouraged to separate yourself from the competition – build your own brand.
  • We will not require you to “cold” call. Rather, build relationships and provide exceptional customer service.
  • We will not assign desk time or ask you to answer office phones. We want to see potential customers contact you directly via call, text, e-mail or social media.
  • You will be paid generously.

Everyone must be treated with respect, especially our competitors. The real estate industry is one in which we must all work efficiently and together to facilitate a successful closing. Any preferred business involved in day-to-day business with TopNetRealty must provide exceptional service to our clients. We will do our best to respect and cooperate with any professional. However, if our client’s best interests are compromised we will no longer provide a referral.

Lastly, “Get informed. Know the market.” and know your broker.