A short story of TopNetRealty…

In 2011, Dan Britten parted ways with Hunt Real Estate ERA eager to establish a real estate brokerage that meets the ideals stated within the TopNet Purpose. With this, an independent, consumer centric firm – TopNetRealty.com, Inc. is now in business. Believing in the tagline “Get Informed, Know the Market” or vice versa “Know the Market, Get Informed”, TopNet is not satisfied with anything less than 100% customer satisfaction. Say it as you wish, we just love to hear it and witness our clients make educated decisions regarding the most important financial decision of their lives.

We do not allow agents to “hang” their licenses with us. We value our reputation more than one or two transactions per year. Who wants to “adult-sit” a bullpen of agents? Not TopNet! The conventional, “brick and mortar” office environment is an unnecessary and significant expense. We do not have such TopNetRealty offices. We prefer to focus on a virtual environment while providing our agents with the most advanced technology, tools, and systems to best represent our clients. Real estate transactions happen via communication amongst agents in the field. TopNet does not have to pass on the ridiculous costs of an unnecessary office environment to our agents or our clients. We will continue to invest and evolve with the technology, tools, and systems to maximize communication, exposure, and local knowledge.

TopNetRealty is making a difference. We believe an agent with integrity is the most essential element to TopNetRealty.com, Inc. ALL buyers and sellers must have an experienced, motivated and professional agent who will be available for guidance through all stages of the home selling or purchasing experience. We only hire agents who share our commitment to customer service. We are more likely to turn down an inquiring agent. The common practice of hiring anyone to see if they will bring in any business at all is not a practice of TopNetRealty. We will not hire “anyone with a pulse” and will not recruit agents. We are different. If an agent or broker wants to join forces in the fight for real estate done right – to the benefit of the consumer, let’s discuss.

Short term dollars will be sacrificed for long term reputation and gain. TopNet agents understand the real estate market and the ethics demanded of the real estate industry. They are well connected to industry professionals necessary to facilitate a real estate transaction. Their everlasting focus to provide exceptional customer service will drive us. Integrity and remarkable service to our sellers and buyers will continue to lead our business.

TopNetRealty.com, Inc. is based in Saratoga Springs, NY of Saratoga County. We also serve Warren and Washington Counties along with all areas of Albany and the Capital Region of NY.